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Old 01-27-2010, 08:37 AM
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Post BBPixel upgrading issue

At first we are sorry for closed time so long since a few days ago. We'd an unwanted issues when doing migrating our database, spam mail attack and old forum to new software.

The good news is we had completed successfully on Download system and Purchase system, all Customer now can access Download section with their Order email address. You should use Recovery password in the first time login because we would like to secure all accounts as possible rather than generate a temporary one.

The bad news is we can not deliver Client Area section go to online which allow you to check your Order products status, not upgrade our Forum to latest version 4 and delay on response your emails due to attack issue.

However, we're trying hard to achieve this tasks as soon as possible.

Finally, we're sorry again for this inconvenience time for delay. All your emails will be replied in short of time.

Thank you,

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